Staying Safe in Ancient Egypt

Staying Safe in Ancient Egypt
     In Ancient Egypt, did you know that the people were very spiritual.  The deities served as the moral compass for the people and created a place of order, for a harmonious existence amongst humanity. Bes, in particular was the protector of households and family. Bes, is exactly what inspired us to create the Bes Collection.In times like these danger seems to be lurking all around us. 
You may be out on a late night store run or visiting family. The problem is that you can't see everything that's going on around you. You need protection 24/7 from nasty creepy things that are bad and harmful. You need...  Bes, protector of women and children.
    Bes, the guardian of good, from all things bad. He shakes shouts and dances all evil things away. His rhythm is like no other, it creates a force so strong that all bad things run away immediately!
Keep Bes shaking and shouting LOUD all around you where ever you travel.
Stay safe with Bes. 
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