About Us

Nile Ray was born after shopping around endlessly for boys clothing for our son and finding the same style and pieces in multiple places. There was a lack of variety and clothing that actually fit. Our son is on the thinner side so elastic and drawstrings are a must. This was difficult to find so we got to work and there we had it Nile Ray named after our eldest son, but there's more to it...
Nile Ray is a more than a clothing brand! We are here to not only provide cool and affordable boys clothing and accessories but we are here to educate through fashion. We are heirs to some remarkable beings and we want your boys to know that, be proud and self-aware. Most of us grew up with only what the text books and main stream media told us about who we are and what we are capable of and yearning to know more. 
So our mission is this... to provide fashionable and affordable clothing that pays homage to our ancestors builds confidence and expands the minds of our youth.
Nile Ray provides a variety styles that you don't find any where else for boys youth through teenage years.