Do you have affirmations that you recite everyday? Do they make you feel good? How about your boys? How are you ensuring that they feel their best?

African American boys as you know will face many challenges in their lifetime and it is important for them to know who they are and have a way within themselves to overcome barriers and obstacles. This is definitely a concern for me, and I'm sure that you may think about this too! One way to instill confidence and a sense of self and belonging is to share history beyond slavery and civil rights with our boys. It is important to open their minds and to assist them in combating the conditioning that many fall victim to. Secondly, we can help them with daily affirmations that will help restructure their way of thinking.

If you’ve tried it I know that it may seem “cheesy” or weird at first, but it helps. Reciting daily affirmations not only helps manage stress but helps to control your emotions and actions. 


That is why we suggest you share these facts and affirmations with your boys.  

  1. I am powerful and prosperous. 
  2. My ancestors were the first inventors, mathematicians, astrologists and engineers; I am great.
  3. I am a force to be reckoned with. My ancestors were pharaohs and kings.
  4. I can do anything; My ancestors built pyramids
  5. I am fearless
  6. My ancestors were people of unity
  7. I possess everything I need to overcome adversity and be successful in my life
  8. I am in control of my life
  9. I am healthy and I am fulfilling my purpose.
  10. My ancestors originated in Afrika and migrated all over the world; there are no limits to where I can go.

 These affirmations not only enforce a sense of self and belonging but they are powerful tools to uplift your boys. We hope that you enjoyed these and truly see the impact that they have.

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